[Paul’s] product was on time, on budget, and highly flexible…[and] at each level his product got more polished and turned out to be exactly what we asked for. I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Ernie Lowell, IT
Sterling Machine Division


Paul Guggenheim and Associates has provided us (Berlin Industries) with training for Progress, and application development to better capture all of our costs. Paul has done an excellent job in both the training and the development of our application. Our Staff came up to speed quickly on Progress with Paul’s training. We were also able to do some of our own programming through the training. Paul does excellent work and goes the extra mile to get the projects done.

Daniel Boyan, Berlin Industries

I still remember the fundamental Progress programming concepts that Paul taught me over 15 years ago. His course has made a difference in my career.

Han Tin
JCM American

On behalf to Camcar LLC—Decorah Operations I would like to thank Paul and his associates for the great service we have received for the past nine years. From day one, in the development stages to the implementation and on-going updates of the Progress Final Inspection System, Paul and his associates have given us timely and personal service. During the implementation and up-grade processes, Paul has come to our facility and ensured every thing went smoothly with the process. Any questions or concerns about the system have always been responded to in an immediate and friendly fashion.

We would definitely recommend Paul and his Associates to anyone needing Progress Systems for their company.

Dawn Iverson, Camcar LLC, Decorah Operations

The AAOS is very pleased with the interface that Paul Guggenheim & Associates created to link our Annual Meeting on-site registration system with the Paymentech credit card authorization system. This interface processes over $2 million in registration fees and course tickets and works flawlessly. It saved our association over $20,000 the first year it was used.

James Ogle, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

The IT Team at Redneck Trailer Supply has been very satisfied with the training and consulting that Paul Guggenheim & Associates has provided us. Our Progress development team has taken great strides, thanks to the professional services provided by Paul in hardware, software, and database concepts in Progress and Webspeed applications.

Paul Rothenheber, Redneck Trailer Supply

I appreciate the great help on troubleshooting our Syteline applications (especially our accounting modules). Your extensive knowledge in Progress related software such as Syteline has put us at ease knowing that we can depend on your help in the future.

Many thanks for setting up the color matching application for paint color matching department. This application has improved our productivity drastically. We are able to input all of our new color formulas in this database and retrieve it with ease without having to create new formulas for repeat colors.

John Sullivan, Color Communications Inc.

I work for the New Your Times Regional Media Group and manage the PBS Business System for the circulation application and support 16 newspapers. With many papers and a diversified user community there is always a request for some custom programming to analyze sales growth, losses and changes inthe readership at each paper. Since PBS is built on a Progress Database I needed some specific training and contacted Paul Guggenheim & Associates. I needed basic reporting help and the ability to allow these programs to allow the users to run specific information with one program without building 16 different reports. Paul suggested the Non-Progammer’s Progress which filled the bill. I was not building an application but need the understanding to extract the data I needed efficiently. A great part of the class was the basic understanding of indexes and how to use them efficiently. Another pieces of the class that helped immensely was building parameters, temp tables and building internal indexes in a program. Paul also allowed enough time to work with me on some of my data and assist with building some programs so I could resolved a few of my immediate needs as well. This specific help with my data made much easier for me to apply my training.

Mark Gibbons, New York Times Regional Media Group

Paul Guggenheim did an excellent job working to integrate our customer sales order book with our Progress-based ERP system. His product was on time, on budget, and highly flexible.

After the initial phone conversation, Paul sat with us and asked questions for a good half a day to nail down specifically how the data came to us and how we wanted the results to look. At each stage of the process he showed us the results, asked for critiques and clarifications, and offered his own insights from his experiences. At each level his product got more polished and turned out to be exactly what we asked for.

I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Ernie Lowell, IT Specialist, Senior Operations LLC, Senior Aerospace, Sterling Machine Division