Application Integration

Application Integration encompasses but is not limited to several technologies

Integration of VB.NET with OpenEdge AppServer

The desire to combine the user interface rich features of Microsoft’s VB.NET with the powerful business logic capabilities of the OpenEdge ABL means that a tight integration between the OpenEdge AppServer and the Visual Basic .NET user interface must be created. Paul Guggenheim & Associates has the experience to take advantage of the latest OpenEdge features such as ProDataSets to accomplish this. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) may also be utilized to ensure a secure connection between the components.

Using Sonic to Integrate Different Applications on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Whether yor system specifications call for SonicMQ to pass critical pieces of data between applications or whether the added sophistication of SonicESB is required, we can provide the direction necessary to achieve the project’s success. Clustering, fault tolerance, and guaranteed delivery are just some of the many unique features that Sonic has to offer in making your applications perform at the highest level.

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) between Microsoft Windows Applications

Let Paul Guggenheim & Associates create the seamless integration between your mission-critical business applications and Microsoft Office programs. Whether creating a chart in Excel, performing a mail merge in Word, updating your contact list in Outlook, or mapping a route in MapPoint, we can integrate these applications to your exact specifications.