Care and Feeding of SmartObjects 2

This course is targeted to people familiar with the Progress 4GL who are interested in learning about Progress SmartObjects and the AppBuilder. Students learn how to write event-driven applications within Progress’ Application Development Model Version 2 (ADM2). They learn how to separate business logic from user interface logic allowing for user interface independence. They will also examines in detail the underlying language elements that make up SmartObjects.

In addition, each student will receive a copy of the Roadmap to the SmartObjects by J.D. Johnson which will aid in learning how linking relates to messaging and how to customize Progress SmartObjects.

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  • Evolution of Reusable Objects
  • Using Preprocessor directives
  • Understanding ADM classes and Include files
  • Persistent Procedures relating to SmartObjects
  • Understanding Super Procedures
  • Understanding Subscribe/Publish
  • SmartObject Types
  • Static and Dynamic Links
  • Creating SmartObject Masters
  • Applying Business Logic
  • Creating Validation Procedures
  • Designing Paging Applications
  • Transaction Handling
  • Defining Temp-Table SmartDataObjects
  • Customizing Event Procedures
  • Creating User-Defined SmartObjects
  • Applying AppServer Technology

Recommended Prerequisites

One of: