Progress & OpenEdge Courses Available

Paul Guggenheim and Associates has a complete set of comprehensive training courses designed for novice and experienced Progress developers.

  • Introduction to Progress Programming—This course is for developers that are new to Progress. Our most comprehensive course offering a broad spectrum of topics enabling beginning programmers to get up to speed quickly.
  • Non-Programmer’s Progress—This is for power end users that want to develop their own reports and inquiries. It supplies all the tools necessary for the effective retrieval of desired data by end users.
  • Beyond Version 8—This course is designed for Progress programmers that are experience in top-down character programming but have had limited experience in event-driven and GUI programming.
  • Extreme Progress—Students learn how to improve performance in a Progress application, focusing on indexes and other techniques to optimize and application. Advanced topics such as dynamic widgets are covered.
  • Care and Feeding of SMARTObjects 2—This course focuses on Progress' Application Development Model 2. This proven object oriented technology is an effective way to quickly develop distributed applications.
  • The Keys to OpenEdge—Our newest course covers many of the new features in OpenEdge including the new data types, prodatasets, XML file handling, Progress AppServer, Progress WebClient and an overview of SonicMQ.