Extreme Progress

This course expands upon topics presented in Introduction to Progress Programming and Beyond V8. Database/Server Topics emphasize record reading efficiency through extensive indexing examples and advanced performance topics such as dynamic queries, while User Interface/Client Topics introduce the programmer to new Progress Version 9 features such as procedure overloading, named events, and more.

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  • Progress Single and Multiple Indexing Rules
  • Indexing Performance
  • Using Preselect
  • Record Scoping
  • Advanced Query Issues
  • Database Triggers and Replication
  • Index and Data Block Writing Rules
  • Connecting to Multiple Databases
  • Understanding the Metaschema Structure
  • Virtual System Tables
  • Dynamic Queries

User Interface/Client

  • Persistent Procedures
  • Parent-Child Frames and Windows
  • Error Handling—Infinite Loop Protection
  • The Unknown Value
  • Combo Box and Selection List Widgets
  • Editor and Browse Widgets
  • Reporting Tips and Techniques
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Automation Server Concepts
  • Using Super Procedures
  • Using Subscribe/Publish

Recommended Prerequisites

One of: