Training Progress Gurus for Over 20 Years

What separates Paul Guggenheim & Associates’s Progress and OpenEdge training from the rest?

  • Experience. Paul Guggenheim has been conducting Progress training classes since 1986. He has also successfully developed both resale and custom applications. These experiences are interwoven into the course material and lecture to convey the most relevant knowledge in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Teaching Style. Paul’s background in business administration brings a practical perspective to the learning process. Paul’s frequent improvisation and variations add novelty to the experience, an important part of getting the brain to “pay attention” and regard information as important. Finally, understanding that the more we feel as we learn the better we retain it, Paul engages students’s emotions through humor—from jokes to sound effects to amusing examples and images.
  • Course Example

  • Course Material Format. Paul Guggenheim & Associates’s course format is easy to read, concise, and contains a generous amount of examples. Material for a topic typically includes a program example; program output; extended notes (including undocumented or poorly documents potential “gotchas”); and a Progress syntax summary, a set of illustrations or diagrams, or both.
  • Scheduling Flexibility. We can conduct training at our modern Chicago Area Educational facility or at your own offices, should that be more convenient.