Introduction to Progress Programming

This course is designed for experienced programmers who are new to Progress and need to become proficient in the Progress 4GL/RDBMS as quickly as possible. Addressing Progress Versions 7, 8 and 9, its examples and illustrations demonstrate both top-down and event-driven programming models in both character and graphical environments. Extensive hands-on lab exercises allow students the opportunity to experiment with the topics presented.

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  • Database Commands
  • Progress Editor
  • Using the Data Dictionary
  • Sequences
  • Data Handling Statements
  • Block Statements and Properties
  • Parent-Child Records
  • Reporting
  • Aggregates
  • Top-Down Programming Model
  • Event-Driven Programming Model
  • Internal Procedures
  • Persistent Procedures
  • Using Super Procedures
  • Using Subscribe/Publish
  • Widgets
  • Database Triggers
  • User Interface Triggers
  • Include Files and Preprocessor
  • Transactions
  • Error Handling
  • Record Scoping
  • Multi-User Considerations and Record Locking
  • Input/Output
  • Compiling Procedures
  • Security

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Some programming experience