Keys to OpenEdge

This course is for experienced Progress programmers who want to take advantage of the dynamic and object-oriented nature of programming in OpenEdge. Although Keys to OpenEdge is geared for both the character and the graphical environments, it emphasizes the graphical environment in both the client-server and web-based WebClient configurations. This enhanced course goes into detail about how to separate user interface logic from business logic and shows how to take advantage of ProDataSets for creating efficient programs. Useful examples teach the programmer how to take advantage of Service-Oriented Architecture. Extensive hands-on lab exercises allow students the opportunity to experiment with the topics presented.

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  • Review of Event Driven Programming
  • Widget-Specific Programming
  • Dynamic Buffers, Queries and Browses
  • Persistent Procedures
  • Using Super Procedures
  • Using Subscribe/Publish
  • New Data Types—Blobs, Clobs, Datetime-TZ
  • ProDataSets
  • Sonic Overview
  • Progress AppServer
  • Progress WebClient
  • User-Defined Functions
  • XML in the 4GL

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Experience with Version 9 Progress programming