Non-Programmer’s Progress

This course is designed for business managers, administrators, project leaders, and documenters who want to empower themselves by learning how to extract information from their Progress business application. If your information retrieval needs require more sophistication than what Progress Results can provide, but you find it unnecessary to learn the programming details for building an entire application, then this is the ideal course for you!

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At the end of this four-day course you will be able to:

  • Produce flexible inquiries and timely reports
  • Master page headers and footers to produce attractive reporting output
  • Eliminate widow and orphan reporting lines
  • Learn powerful aggregate functions
  • Utilize extensive formatting and labeling
  • Take advantage of indexes for maximum performance
  • Navigate through the data dictionary
  • Understand relational database design concepts
  • Employ language syntax and variable use
  • Provide scrollable browses for queries
  • Become proficient in using the Progress Editor
  • Apply include files and the preprocessor to reuse reporting logic

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Some computer experience